Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on 6th second August 1976. Leap year of the Dragon (1976)

Facing the Mirror, the soul is exposed to truth
These irrefutable proofs are condensed and profound
Laws in hell are impartial and judgments are fair
Toward sinful persons that cannot be spared.

Buddha Tse Kong:  Itís time for us to depart for hell. Are you ready, Yang Tsíien?

Yang Tsíien:            I am ready, Master. Letís set off...

TK:      We have arrived. Letís get down.

YT:      May I ask you what place this is? Why is that crowd over there being led up to that high platform by the guards of hell?

 TK:     This is the Memory Hall with its Mirror Revelator of Past Crimes. These are the souls of a group of people who didnít submit to moral laws. They gave themselves up to vices, and committed dishonest acts in their life on earth. At present, they become culpable demons who must come to the First Palace for declaration formalities. Then they are led to the magic mirror. Here, they witness the projection of living images relevant to the crimes they commited in their lifetime. Once their sins are exposed, they canít go beyond the penal code of hell. Nearly all of the demon-souls tremble to the depth of their hearts when being led to this platform, because their unveiled vices could be a laughing-stock for all the attendants. Letís follow them onto the platform. 

YT:      Yes, letís observe the situation more closely. 

The General:  You are welcome, living Buddha Tse Kong and Mr. Yang Tsíien of the Temple of the Sages in Tai Chu. 

TK:      Our greetings, General. Obeying the order of the Celestial Emperor, we pay successive visits to hell for the preparation of a book. Today, we visit your Memory Hall. I would appreciate your permission to let Yang Tsíien have a closer look at the Mirror. 

YT:      Dear Master, please accompany me. I donít feel comfortable with all those strangers in an old place like this. 

TK:      All right. Letís follow the General up to the platform. Weíll stay on this side to watch better. 

YT:      Look there! An old man is being dragged to the mirror by the infernal guards. My! The old man suddenly seems transformed into a youth who, in the middle of the night, scales the wall and breaks into the house of someone. He is bending his back...pulling the bolt of the window. Now, he jumps into the room of an elderly couple. They are sleeping soundly. The young man is a professional burglar, experienced in opening locks. While he is busy looking for something, the husband suddenly awakens. Seized by terror, he screams out. The burglar unsheathes his dagger, springs upon the victim and stabs him. Oh dear! Red blood is gushing out in streams. I dare not look at the scene! 

The General:  Take it easy, Mr. Yang Tsíien. These are only visual images as the Mirror reflects a wicked karma. When this old man was a young, he scaled the wall and broke into a house for burglary. Being caught in his act, he took out his jacknife, thrust it in the victimís body and killed him. Now, he must look at himself in the Mirror which faithfully reflects all of his actions relating to his crime. 

YT:      I wonder how this mirror could be made? Itís simply miraculous! 

TK:      This mirror is made by the synthesis of the two divine forces of heaven and earth called ďKíiĒ. When the criminalís soul stands before it, his real nature is completely unveiled. In reality, this mirror isnít extraordinary nor is it miraculous. We should know that throughout a lifetime, from childhood to adolescence, a person creates a lot of bad karma, which stack up from day to day. The mind makes one conscious of all their deeds. Look, our conscience is similar to a camera which imprints our every act on film. Thatís the mirror of the conscience. We may possibly ignore some immortal act an individual is doing in the dark. But it is certain that the guilty one must have consulted his conscience many times, weighing the proís and conís with care. He has therefore obeyed the dictates of his conscience. In this way, his sub consciousness tacitly records every single one of his acts, whether important or not. The Mirror Revelator of Past Crimes is made up of a combination of the two polar principles, Yin and Yang. These vital forces, when meeting the soul and astral body of a man, produce the crossing of two magnetic currents which enable the mirror to reflect accurately all the registered images of his existence. Consequently, no one is allowed to conceal even what he considers the most profound thought or most secret action of his life. When standing in front of the mirror, every act of wickedness is laid open. ďAll precepts of morality stem up from the heartĒ as the Buddhist scriptures relate. This truth also lies in the above principles. 

YT:      Now, I understand. If Iím not mistaken, this mirror has no effect on virtuous men. 

The General:  The souls of honest people do not have to stand before the mirror. Donít you see that inscription: ďNo honest souls on the platform of the Mirror Revelator?Ē After his death, the honest manís soul is translucent before the mirror. An immaculate white prevails in it, in the way a film is fogged by a flash of light. He sees nothing of his genuine nature, because his heart is hiding no dark thoughts and memory. His aureole is more brilliant as his merits are more numerous. His soul will either rise straight to paradise or will be sent to the palaces of hell for a special investigation of his merits and his wrongs, if any. This is why he doesnít have to come here. The Mirror Revelator of Past Crimes is also called ďMirror of KarmaĒ. Every time a man creates a bad karma, he sees it appear in the mirror. Mr. Yang Tsíien, would you like to have another look? 

YT:      I certainly would. Now, I see a girl being escorted by the guards to the platform. Seized by a great panic, she refuses to move forward; she groans and writhes terribly. Her situation is really sorrowful. Far from handling gently so fragile a creature as they should do a blossom or a pearl, the infernal guards shove her savagely ahead with their harpoons, just as if they would treat one deserving blame. Also, I see over there, at some distances, a house where many men come in and out. It is decorated with rosy paper-lanterns, and its door is painted green, the perfect description of a brothel in the terrestrial world. 

The General:            Thatís just it. Observe it attentively. 

YT:      Inside, in the various rooms, young girls are seen entertaining their clients, chuckling, gossiping, their voices resounding like the chirpings of orioles and swallows. This is really a bewitching den that drowns men in an ecstatic delight. I just canít watch all this any longer. How about going home, Gracious Master? 

TK:      If you feel uneasy at that sight, it is because youíre endowed with great virtues such as respect for rites, sense of duty, integrity, purity and fear of disgrace. Really, you shouldnít be ashamed of being my favorite disciple. Now, that girl was a prostitute who dealt in the business of the flesh. She charmed the male sex for the sake of taking their money. With boorish speech and dark thoughts, she destroyed her femininity. Her sins were grave. Attacked by venereal diseases, she died a premature death. Now that her soul comes to hell, it is impossible for her to avoid punishment. I advise women on earth to respect and take care of their bodies. They should not allow themselves to fall in perdition by selling their chastity, using their jadelike arms for pillows for the heads of numberless ruffians who scorn and insult them. They will commit many sins, simply to satisfy their greed for money. The men who are passionately fond of unhealthy diversions are also considered lascivious. It is hopeful they will change. 

YT:      We must be gone now. 

The General:            Itís too bad you canít stay a little while longer. 

YT:      I have learned how efficient this Mirror Revelator of Past Crimes works. Now, I dare not watch it any longer. The vices of sinful souls are neatly unveiled in it, and as a profane fellow from the living world, I shouldnít stay longer, for fear of worsening their shame. I ask to take leave. 

TK:      General, we greatly appreciate your information. Now, we have to return to the Temple. Another time we will visit the ďCenter for Complementary Teaching of Canonical ScripturesĒ. Yang Tsíien, the dais is this way. 

YT:      It was a dreadful scene, Master. It made my flesh creep. 

TK:      Dreadful, did you say? Well, just try to behave correctly, and you wonít have to come here with a hideous face. Here we are! Get down from the lotus dais quickly, and let your soul be reincorporated in your body.

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