Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu


By the Office-Chief of the Celestial Royal Palace named Lo, transmitted through mediumnistic scriptures:

1- This book has been commissioned under the instructions of a celestial edict. Though simple and popular in form and style, it contains the whole of profound realities.  It is a precious book for spiritual perfection, recognition of the Way and Truth, and for conversion of mankind.

2- If an absence of rhetoric is noticed in its usage and style, it should not be a reason for the reader to disparage it. The objective is dedicated to the fidelity of its description and the authenticity of its advents.

3- Its preparation has taken two years and cost the deities and men a great deal of effort and pain. It contains a series of revelations on the secrets of the kingdom of darkness and the laws and punishment being applied in it. It is such an unprecedented chance to have this treasure-book for perusal that men read it, cherish it, study it, and make a bible of it for their improvement.

4- The Three Councils in heaven, respectively in charge of celestial, terrestrial, and hell affairs have contributed to the preparation of the book. They want it to become popular and would rejoice greatly if many copies could be printed and offered free for public.

5- Instructions from the Celestial Palace indicates that every person who assists in any manner in the printing and distribution of this book free of charge for the salvation of human beings, will be granted a lesser sentence for their sins. If their merits are great, they will ascend to heaven and enjoy happiness in paradise.

6- Anyone who contributes voluntarily to the printing of this book and to its free distribution will have all his wishes granted as to longevity, honor and glory, prompt recovery from illnesses, grace for the damned souls of their ancestors, redemption for their proper sins, and finally a great deal of happiness. All this can be obtained by accomplishing these rites: burn joss-sticks, bow and pray before the altar of the kitchen-god, before the altar of heavens set in the yard, or the altar of the saints and protector- genii in temples. These deities will send immediate reports to heaven, and all wishes will be granted. The manifestation of celestial will is doubtlessly positive.

7- This book of divine law is under the protection of immortals and saints all over the universe. It must be preserved with care and stored in a safe place away from impurities after reading. Those who express scorn or contempt with regard to this book or try to stop its distribution will be sent forever to hell. Such a crime is unforgivable. May men return to the way of good, and may they study seriously these recommendations.

THE CELESTIAL CHERUB YU-HIU transmitted this quatrain and preface: Heaven gives to man a precious book as a guide. The horrors of hell are purely indescribable to man. He becomes aware of the alarming crisis that is arising from the lack of moral education and spiritual perfection. Criminality such as robbery, pillage, murder, trickery, and rape increase considerably.

In order to stop this increase of social evils and open the way to an ethical science that reeducates man, it is time to teach him the principle of cause and effect and the doctrine of retribution and sanction that governs all his actions, and make him aware of the immortality of his soul.

There are no doors where happiness or misfortune originates. Happiness or misfortune is the result of man’s good or bad actions. If during his lifetime man creates harmful karma through bad conduct, his soul, after his death, will suffer pain, condemnation, and successive reincarnation. This explains the reason for hell.

My breath being wholly purified, I have attained enlightenment and have access to the celestial sphere. While the Temple of the Sages was tasked by Celestial Edict with writing the book “Voyages to Hell”, I was entrusted by the Celestial Emperor to be a seer and conveyor of truthful facts. I dared not disobey the divine order and quickly carried out my mission. In each mediumnistic séance, on quiet nights, when Buddha Tse Kong descended from heaven to lead Yang Ts’ien’s soul to visit hell and interview the damned souls in jail, I made use of my divine power to relay to earth all of the sounds and live images they saw and heard in hell.

It is difficult for those who did not attend these mediumnistic séances to form an idea of what they were like and believe them. For this reason human beings must believe that paradise and hell reside in their own hearts. If they lose their conscience, they will not have an opportunity to live in paradise. Their conscience will awaken some day, and will reproach them harshly, but too late, because they will already be in hell, a detention place for sinful souls.

The disgusting things I saw in the past two years have removed my desire for witnessing those horrible scenes in hell again. I hope that those who read this book will henceforth behave in all circumstances with a pure, unstained soul. By so doing, they will avoid hell, and at the same time console me of my pains.

(At the Yu-Hiu Palace, April 13th, 1978 (lunar) Year of the Horse)

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