Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on November 19th, 1976.  Leap year of the dragon (1976) 

Man regresses to animalsíforms with horn and hair
Karmic debts! Causes and effects are pair
All creatures reincarnate as to their natural share
Into four categories for violating the divine care.

Buddha Tse Kong:  Come along, Yang Tsíien. To hell we go! 

Yang Tsíien:       Fine, Sir. Where will it be, tonight? 

TK:      Our visit tonight is different. Weíre going to see something special. Lift up your spirits, and donít be nervous, because your attitude may impair the preparation of the book. 

YT:      I obey you, Master. Letís depart! But look there! Far below, I see the glitter of aureolas from human heads. They sparkle in the dark of night. 

TK:      Hey! Whatís the idea of opening your eyes? I told you to keep them closed, didnít I? All right. Thatís the glitter of aureolas emanating from the Temple of the Sages which we are flying over. The aureolas are from the genii-protectors of the Temple and the adepts who are practicing meditation. This exercise unifies and focuses the ďKíiĒ, the vital breath energy of the Yin and the Yang. In order to attain such results, the adepts have to go through long and patient training in meditation. 

YT:      Can their aureola be preserved for a long time? 

TK:      Even if the adepts donít come to the temple anymore, but continue practicing meditation assiduously with zealous hearts, their aureolas will certainly become brighter and brighter. Reversely, if they neglect their meditation practice, and act impulsively to commit vile acts in secrecy, their aureolas will blacken and their sheen will disappear. In that case, they cannot see the brightness of the aureolas of the highly evolved beings of the three worlds which emanates from the temple! The malevolent spirits are afraid of such brightness and dare not approach it. Now if after leaving the Temple, the adepts act immorally or cruelly, their aureolas will be completely extinguished. The malevolent spirits and demons, who are fond of obscurity and are abhorrent of luminosity, will penetrate and possess them. It is necessary that humans know all this and be on their guard. Now, close your eyes, right? We start the trip to hell... 

YT:      I see many flocks and herds of animals, fowls and birds. Shall we take this path to go see them? 

TK:      They are the beasts of the four categories. After their death, they come to hell. Look over there! Itís the frontier between the living and the dead worlds. 

YT:      The other day, when we came here, I didnít see this spectacle of beasts. 

TK:      Since you are profane man, I didnít want to let you see too many things at one time lest you should be confused. I exercised my divine power to blindfold you to prevent you from seeing these beasts while we were on our way to hell. 

YT:      So thatís how things are. I know nothing of your intention. But why are these creatures so terrified when coming to hell? They bawl, they fly, they jump as if the men were hunting them. 

TK:      These four categories of creatures which were reincarnated on the earth are mostly killed by men. Thence, they are still in a state of panic and terror. As soon as they died, they were cut off from the terrestrial air, and wrapped by the infernal air which drew them straight down to hell, for another reincarnation. The karma of these creatures is pretty heavy, their souls are gloomy, their vital energy is weak, so they are automatically driven downwards by hellís attraction, without need of being escorted by infernal guards. Nearly all mankind ignores this fact. 

YT:      Nothing is truer. This is the first time Iíve heard of such things. Shall we go forward, Master? 

TK:      Yes, letís follow these herds of buffalo, horses, goats and fowls. As regards the creatures of metamorphosis birth (worms, insects) and those of humidity birth (molluses, fish), their physical forms are infinitely tiny. Upon their death, their minute souls, just like grains of dust, invisible to the naked eyes, fly scattered everywhere at the blowing of the wind, and they will assemble in hell, waiting to be judged for their eventual reincarnation. 

YT:      How interesting! Thank you, Gracious Master. I could have known nothing without your explanation. Ahead of us, is the Portice of Demons. Why donít the creatures of the four categories enter the main door? 

TK:      The Portico of Demons is reserved for humans. Because of their heavy karmas, the creatures of the four categories have to go in by the side doors. 

YT:      Why donít they come to the Service of Public Relations for declaration? 

TK:      Thereís another service, not far from here, to take charge of them. Letís follow them. 

YT:      In front of us, there stretches a verdant land similar to pasture land. To the right, I see a gate with the inscription ďGate of Soul-Resuscitation for the Four Categories of CreaturesĒ. All of the beasts are grouped here, crying pitifully, turning toward the gate, lowering their heads, as if they were saluting somebody and pleading for their sins. 

TK:      Thatís the gate. These creatures, after having acquitted their karmas in the world, come to this place for regaining their human forms. Letís go. 

YT:      I see three dignitaries coming out of the gate. Who are they, Master? 

TK:      Thatís the king and his mandarins. Letís go greet them. 

YT:      My reverences to His Majesty the King and to their Excellencies the Mandarins. 

The King:       Dispense with etiquette and ceremonials. Be on your feet. You are welcome, Buddha Tse Kong and Mr. Yang Tsíien of the Temple of the Sages. 

TK:      We solicit your permission to visit the gate, Sir, and feel obliged to receive your information. 

The King:      With great pleasure. First of all, I invite you to come in for a little rest. 

YT:      We thank you greatly for your warm reception. 

The King:        Please, take seats. General, please serve us some tea, if you donít mind. 

YT:      This place seems to be remote and desolate. We wish to be fully informed on this subject. 

The King:       This palace is very little known by the human world. But we open our doors especially for you who are bearers of the Celestial Edict. This gesture of mine must cause a flurry to the Kingdom of Heaven. 

YT:      That God and the Deities be blessed! Now, please give us your information. 

The King:       I am the Governor of this Gate. I am called by the name of ďTíien SueĒ which means a thousand years. This, because among the beasts belonging to the four categories, there are some which live as long as a thousand years, the tortoise, for instance. This is why I bear the name of ďThousand-Year KingĒ instead of ďKing of PalaceĒ. Now, this is what happens: The people who committed too many crimes in their life have to go through the ten Gates of Hell in condemnation, before they are transferred to the six ways of transmigration and take the forms of one of the four categories. They return to the living world, transformed into beasts, renouncing their human forms. The four categories of creatures procreate in the following ways: birth by matrix or by way of foetus, birth by eggs, birth by humidity, and birth by metamorphosis. They are classed in four echelons, respectively the creatures of the first, the second, the third, and the fourth. They have to return to the living world to work out their heavy karmas and endure the consequences. Upon their death, the souls and astral bodies of the first and second categories are unscathed, because they are close to human forms. As for the creatures procreated by humidity and metamorphosis, their karmas were very heavy. Resuscitation of their souls is extremely difficult, and they have to wait until all the tiny fragments of their souls are reassembled before they can be restored to their human forms. All this takes time. 

TK:      We donít have much time left for hearing your precious information. We have to go, and with your permission, we shall come back another time. 

YT:      I learn a lot of things, thanks to your teachings, Sir. I am deeply grateful. 

The King:      Forgive our deficiencies. Please, come back, gentlemen. 

TK:      Letís leave, Yang Tsíien.  

YT:      Iím ready, Master. 

TK:      Here we are. Go find your body.

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