Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu


This English translation of Yang Ts’ien with Buddha Tse Kong in “Voyages to hell” follows Chinese Mythology. For those readers not familiar with Asia and the Far East, the different palaces relate to gates of hell representing many levels of torture to the physical body form. 

The severity of sins and lack of merit play crucial roles in the number of gates and levels that the soul must enter to learn lessons through suffering and happiness in order to attain balance. The mode of transport to each palace or gate is via a lotus flower which represents purity. 

”Voyages to Hell” is translated from the original Chinese spiritual document for readers to open their minds and try to understand many facets of truth.

The revelation of hell serves to awaken many other human beings who don’t know the law of cause and effect. Man can avoid going to hell if he adopts the spiritual path toward self-perfection.

The Taiwanese use of mediums described in this book should not be confused with VoVi. For further information about the original version of this book, please write to:

Sheng te magazine association
20 Ching Dao Rd, Section 4
Tai Chung, Taiwan R.O.C.

George Capps, Bankok


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