Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu


We acknowledge the fact that the present world of readers is being satiated with books and novels of all varieties, so much that the publication of a new book may remain unnoticed if not preceded or followed by adequate publicity.

This book “Voyages to hell” is without publicity because it is essentially canonical. Canonical books need no publicity. The Bible needs none. Neither do Buddhist Holy Scriptures. However, we think it advisable to forewarn the readers that all of the accounts that are narrated in this book are truthful. The places, personages, and witnesses that have contributed to its edition still exist, and are ready to give evidence as to the authenticity of the facts.

Man is naturally sinful and his current level of morality is too low. Thus, God ordered the Temple of the Sages in Tai Chu (Taiwan) to publish a book about hell to awaken mankind. The book reveals to mankind the pain and torment they will undergo in hell, should they not make an effort to regenerate during this life.

This book is not one of moral philosophy. We are presently being overwhelmed with the proliferation of books on ethics. It is not a book of superstition either. It dates from 1976 to 1978, and so, it is recent and verifiable.

The interview Yang Ts’ien had with the Kings of the Palaces in hell, and with the sinful souls, were audibly and visually witnessed by a good number of disciples present. After some sixty voyages back and forth, the possibility of hallucination, mirage, illusion, or vision are simply impossible.

This book serves rather as an admonition to mankind. It is the right of the reader to believe or not to believe in the authenticity of its stories. However, after reading it, one should admit to having been told and warned of how one’s soul will respond after one’s death. At least, the reader will know that everyone of us, without exception, has committed or will commit one of this sins mentioned in it. He will know exactly which punishment will be reserved for him, if he fails to change his behavior immediately. Some scientific readers usually requiring concrete proof before believing, may reject the facts in the book as lacking solid and visible evidence. To such readers, we borrow the words of Buddha Tse Kong who said “Our breath, the air, our thoughts, our feelings are intangible; our viscera are not seen; but it suffices to say that should they cease existing or functioning, even for a minute, we would be no longer in this life.”

Finally, to those readers who may regard this book as more oriental than it is worldwide, may we say the following:

“Honestly, hell in this book is seen from an oriental view because God has chosen the Temple of Sages in Taiwan as a place for propagation of religious faith. If God, Father of us all, contents Himself with punishing a certain number of others, and if hell is created to punish only a given group of human beings, we could say that God our Father is partial and unjust, and that the punishment of hell is virtually regional. But, God is not partial nor unjust. The punishment of hell is applicable to the whole of mankind.


Mr. Kouan, President of the Temple of Sages ascends to the pulpit and declares: The Saint-Messenger of God prescribed the following: “According to God’s Edict, the Genii of Communes within five miles around, and Genii of Graces within ten miles are ordered to gather here for its promulgation. All of the disciples must be prepared to respectfully attend this ceremony of promulgation”.

The High Chamberlain of the Celestial Palace of God, through the intermediary of a medium, sent down this quatrain: The Immortals pray fervently in their celestial spheres, Buddhas chant in choir to awaken the sufferers, The Heavenly Emperor announced His Edict in mid-autumn, The August moonlight blesses the world of darkness.

And the Saint-Messenger proclaims: Down to this earth, I have the mission to bring this Edict of God which I dictate tonight in the following terms:

That all of the Genii and disciples humbly prostate as a sign of reverence for the Celestial Edict that reads:

“From my palace in the Ethereal Heights, I observe the world of human beings: Their moral conduct grieves Me greatly. Crimson desire and greed are spreading everywhere, piling up to heaven. Social ethics have been disintegrated: men lose loyality and filial piety, woman lack chastity and fidelity. To them, elevation to the rank of immortals and buddhas is merely an illusion; deities are non-existent and so are saints. Morals are corrupt. Customs and tradition decline toward treachery. In social relationships, there is a total absence of any sense of honor and honesty.

All these indications are sickening, and I cannot remain unmoved without trying to salvage the souls in perdition.

It is time of rejoicing for Me, however, to notice that the Temple of the Sages in Tai Chu, Taiwan, dependent on the Celestial Southern Sector, has opened many schools to educate people and has conscientiously carried out the work of disseminating the Way and the Truth. Presently, it has contributed to editing the “Review of the Sages” whose goal is to awaken sinners from the Harbor of Illusions and give a beneficial impetus to mediumnistic scriptures, and a resplendent glitter to the deeds of the Saints.

I especially order this Temple to begin the writing of an important book entitled “Voyages to Hell” and appoint the living Buddha Tse Kong to guide “Yang Ts’ien - a narrator through mediumnistic scriptures - to pay visits to the ten gates of hell. Upon his return from each trip, Yang Ts’ien will narrate in detail the horrible punishment inflicted on sinful souls.

In this way, human beings will be thoroughly aware of what is reserved for theirs sins after their death, and will know how to behave in their earthly life.

Thus, our endeavours to educate them on the way of good will not be in vain. Consequently, this piece of work will be an extraordinary book. It will be the product of the Temple of Sages to whom a mission of great magnitude has been entrusted. They must remain unshakable in their faith and take My place in the education of mankind. Meanwhile, I give an order to the guardians of palaces in the World of Darkness to open wide their gates to welcome the young reporter on every one of his visits. They will cooperate with him by providing efficient assistance which will enable him to complete the reporting which will constitute a precious book.

Any opposition or disobedience to this Edict is subject to severe punishment. From this day of promulgation of this Edict, a voyage to hell will be performed in each mediumnistic session, and the sessions will not terminate before completion of the projected book. You will do the work of God by carrying out this order, and you will be rewarded according to your merits on the day the book is completed.

I command respect for this. This is my order.”

(O God, we obey Thee without negligence. We thank Thee for thy grace). (Celestial Cycle, August 15th, 1976 Leap Year of the Dragon) THE ALL-HIGH SUPREME MASTER OF CHAOTIC TIMES, PRIMORDIAL VENERATED GOD Communicates these rhymes in a mediumnistic session:

Human existence, like them, is a dream and illusion, What a waste to cherish gold and covet silver. Man’s nature is buried in luxury and feminine beauty, Anxious for gains and for glory, his mind is busy. Immersed in the river of love, he can't raise his head. By housing anger, man increase his karma and misery. May he no longer live in his mistakes and injustice, May he change and follow the examples of Kwan Yin.

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