Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu


A personage of the Service of Rites and Cults of the Temple of the Sages ascended the pulpit on the 3rd day of the 5th month, year of the horse (1978) and declared:

The Saint-Messenger of God prescribed the following:

"At this moment, the Celestial Edict is going to be distributed. Order is given to the Titulary Genii of Communes within five leagues around, and Gracious Genii within ten leagues around to gather here for welcoming it and attending its promulgation."

The High Chamberlain Tseu of the Celestial Palace of God, through the intermediary of a medium, sent down this quatrain:

In the festival of mid-autumn, divine energy shines,
The celestial macrocosm is glorified with blissful light
Respectfully, the book is for dedication
To redeem sins, untie woes; it's compensation.

And the Saint-Messenger to proclaim:

Down to this earth, I have the mission to bring this edict of God which I dictate tonight in the following terms:

That all of the genii and disciples humbly bow in reverence toward the Celestial Edict that reads:

His Majesty the Celestial Emperor, Supreme God, ordains the following:

"Carrying out a decision decreed by the Celestial Congresss held in my palace at the Ethereal Heights, the Temple of the Sages inaugurated its brush-pen for beginning the book "Voyages to Hell" on the 15th of August of mid-autumn, year of the dragon (1976) and will complete this precious piece of work on the 15th of August, year of the horse (1978) which is two entire years.

During this lapse of time, Yang Ts'ien visited the 10 Palaces of Hell, interviewed the souls in the prisons, and the testimonials he gathered heaped up as high as a hill, are described in the book "Voyages to Hell".  All these documents had been published on the reviews of the Temple of the Sages and popularized among all classes of citizens.

On the 15th of lunar August this year, they will be published in the form of books, 108 copies of which are to be placed on the altar, and three copies are to be burnt: the first one offered to paradise, the second to hell and the third dedicated to the genii of the human world under the vault of heaven.  This is to express adoration with respect to the deities of the three worlds: heaven, earth and hell.

The different services of hell which are great admirers of this accomplishment will consider the merits, as written in the book, to gratify and grant amnesty to the sinful souls.  In addition, they will organize a great festival to celebrate the event, and will address a report to the Pontiff of the World of Darkness.

As far as the world of humans is concerned, all of the people who exert effort to do charitable works, by writing, printing or distributing this book will acquire great merits and will be rewarded.  They will have their names, addresses, the number of books printed, mentioned in a manifesto that will be burnt and will serve to report to heaven the memorable acts of their generous hearts which are devoted to the cause of morality.

I congratulate the disciples of the Temple of the Sages who have undergone considerable hardship during these two years to attain this glorious success, and I expect to see them accomplish even greater results in their ideal of redressing the religious way, exterminating the depraved manners and advancing toward universal peace.

I command respect to this.

This is my order.

Celestial Cycle, May 3rd, year of the horse (1978)

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