Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on March 6th, 1978 Year of the Horse (1978) 

The grain of seed is formed when the flower withers
How innocent and genuine are the immortalsí nature
Carelessly, he sows the seeds then reaps
By regenerating his soul and character.

Buddha Tse Kong:   If a flower doesnít wither, and its petals donít detach from the calyx, the pistil canít become a grain of seed. The Tao which leads man to his original source, is akin to his phenomenon. One thing is lost, another is formed. Itís the law of metempsychosis. Alone, a sudden death is unforeseen and irreversible. When a baby-boy and a baby-girl play together, no sensual desire is roused, because their celestial nature is ingenuous and immaculate. The genuine nature granted by God is perfectly white and stainless. So is the celestial nature of God and Buddhas. Adult persons are entirely different. Their hearts are filled with blind passions, and as soon as a man and woman get close together, they will be attracted to each other. This behavior is similar to the phenomenon of fructification: the flower fades and becomes the fruit; the fruit contains a kernel, which develops into a plant that will flower again and become the fruit, and the process keeps being repeated. The same succession proceeds from birth to death, then from death to rebirth, and man is chained to a cycle of transmigrations. A virtuous man who cultivates himself toward spiritual perfection, should know how to preserve the original vital essence granted to him. He should not waste it through intemperance of carnal pleasures that will trap him into wedlock and indefinite karmic debts. If he begins to invest now, he will make profit later on. He will not be burdened by any karma, when reaching his old age. I hope that human beings will grasp this truth. 

Yang Tsíien:    The heat is simply suffocating. My head is incompletely wet with sweat. 

TK:      Sweat is the excretion of water. A regenerated man doesnít progress on the path of the Tao, if he doesnít work hard for it. 

YT:      What do you mean by that, Master? 

TK:      Well, when one has a mouth and knows how to keep quiet, then one will gradually understand the profound meanings hidden behind the teachings. Now, no more talking, son. Letís go to hell. 

YT:      At your request. 

TK:      Here we arrive. Come down the dais. 

YT:      Itís pretty cold in hell. What a difference between the climates of the two worlds. 

TK:      Naturally, the living world belongs to the Yang. Hell is Yin. Itís a predisposed law. 

YT:      What a company! There are some infernal guards escorting the sinful souls, and also that group of men and horses! 

TK:      True. Tonight, weíre going to visit the small ďLimb-ChoppingĒ Prison. They are the Mandarin-Governor and the Generals. Letís greet them! 

YT:      I am Yang Tsíien, disciple of the Temple of the Sages in Tai Chu. May I solicit some informations from you? 

The Mandarin:   You are both welcomed. The merits of your temple are so worthy. Once being completed, the book of ďVoyages to HellĒ will be printed and offered free to the public as an admonition to mankind. This is an unparallel masterpiece, even surpassing that of Hiuan-Tsou (a predecessor master). Wickedness will subside and divine blessings will prevail. The secrets of hell will be revealed in the book, which is a matchless piece of work whose value will last through the ages. It is not easy to fulfill such an assigned goal. Please, follow me to the Limb-Chopping Prison. 

YT:      Thank you, Excellency. Already, I hear the resounding cries and laments of the detainees. But look! This prison is exactly the pattern of an execution-ground in the world. The sinful soul is forced to kneel. The demon-guard, with a cutlass, chops his left arm off his body. The victim emits a heart-rending howl. A second stroke removes his right arm, the soul falls unconscious. His legs are also chopped into two stumps. Blood flows abundantly, spilling all over. I am not in the mood for looking at this sickening spectacle. Can you tell me, Excellency, what crime this soul committed to endure such a frightful punishment? 

The Mandarin:   The limb-chopping punishment is extremely painful and terrible. Many people were born to the world with arms and legs of perfect beauty. However, they donít utilize their limbs for doing well. Reverse, they use them exclusively for harming and killing other people. After their death, they have been judged and punished in several prisons before they are transferred to ours for ultimate punishment. Most of them are disloyal elements, children being ungrateful towards their parents, mercenarier, thieves, who had killed many people with their hands, using daggers, guns, or pens, or struck people with their fists and feet. They were engaged deeply in crime and never tried to change. Upon their death, they were judged and punished by other prisons of hell and are now suffering the last punishment of our palace.

TK:      The terrestrial world is presently teeming with robbers and thieves. In addition to robbery and theft, they are disputing honors, riches, wares, estates, women, and they donít hesitate to destroy those who oppose their greed. Disgraceful actions occur place everyday, as regularly as daily meals. Those who disregard their countryís laws and have the habit of swindling and plundering will have their arms chopped off by the guards of hell. Also their legs will be chopped off, the outlaws who belittle morality, go beyond the authorized limits and refuse to submit to laws and regulations; also speculators who take illegal action for the sake of their gain. All these sinners will have their legs chopped off by the demon-guards. It is quite late. Our visit to the Limb-Chopping Prison is sufficient as it is. 

The Mandarin:   The majority of living beings donít believe in the existence of hell. Why donít they simply come to a jail on earth to see the detained criminals, thieves and robbers with their own eyes? These fellows prefer by-ways to straight roads. Instead of making three steps, they prefer making one. How could they do so without stumbling and falling? With a single mouth, they try to swallow two tangerines at a time. Itís not surprising that they suffocate and choke. Well, gentlemen, I congratulate you for your merits in writing the book. I shall be delighted with another visit of yours. 

YT:      We have to say goodbye, Excellency and Generals. Thank you so much. 

The Mandarin:    Stand in line for the farewell salute.

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