Voyages to Hell

translated by

Nguyen Khang & Bui H.Huu



Buddha Tse Kong who manifested on April 26th, 1978. Year of the Horse 

Sounds of sutras and prayers resound in symphony
Awakened, man renounces fame and prestige
Whatís the use of owning so many properties?
 At the end, everyone must leave everything

Buddha Tse Kong:    Opposite to the Temple of the Sages, a tall building has just been built. Those who live in the cozy place high above the ground are lucky. However, those who possess a peaceful mind, or a tranquil heart are more fortunate. How precious life will be, if the mind is at peace. 

Yang Tsíien:    What you said is correct, Master. 

TK:      Fine. The dais is waiting. Get ready, Yang Tsíien. 

YT:      I am ready, Master. 

TK:      We arrive now. 

YT:      Where are we, Master? 

TK:      Tonight, something special. We go to the Eternal Prison. 

YT:      Human beings are scared to death when hearing about the Eternal Prison. Can we go somewhere else? 

TK:      O, come on! What do you have to fear? Iím next to you. Donít worry now. If you feel alarmed, Iíll give you one of my pills. Take it and follow me. 

YT:      Thank you for your miracle-pill. I now feel stabilized and calm. Here is the Mandarin coming to greet us. 

The Mandarin:    Welcome to Buddha Tse Kong and Mr. Yang Tsíien. Our prison, being called ďThe Eternal PrisonĒ, is placed under the administration of the 9th Palace. We are honored to have you as our guests. 

YT:      We thank you for your good will, Excellency. May I ask you why this prison is so big? 

The Mandarin:    The Eternal Prison is like the nose of a man. Manís nose, is not too big nor small, but through it, the air penetrates deeply into every cell of manís body. This Eternal Prison is thus the resting-place of the souls whose crimes are piled up as high as heaven. 

YT:      I certainly dare not visit that cavern. The cell inside is so dark! The only sounds we can hear are poignant screams and bubbling of boiling water. Are the sinful souls being drowned in there? 

The Mandarin:    The lodgers of the cavern are all sinners. This prison is composed of 18 levels. Its floor is studded with sharp pointed stakes and flooded with boiling water. Here is how the torment proceeds: the sinful soul is pierced by a guardís sword and flung into the cavern. Meanwhile, the terrestrial attraction draws him down to the bottom. A rending shriek is then heard. After a short pause, you hear again endless cries. Inside, you can raise your hand without seeing the fingers. I should say that the punishment inflicted upon the sinners in this prison are extremely severe and painful. 

YT:      Iím told that the human beings have great fear of the Eternal Prison. Why is it so, Excellency? 

The Mandarin:     Most of the sinners in the Eternal Prison are condemned forever. Their condemnation is equivalent to a life sentence on earth. 

YT:      Can you allow some of the sinful souls to come, so I can ask them questions. 

The Mandarin:     Since your mission consists of writing a book, with a special order from the King of Hell, I can grant the sinners some provisional liberty. For other cases, the detainees of the Eternal Prison are forbidden to come out, even for a minute. Mr. Yang Tsíien, look at the way Iíll perform a miracle! A strong stream of light is pouring down into the cavern, and the whole mechanism of torment ceases to operate. General, can you get some of the sinful souls out? 

The Generals:    At your orders. Iíve just brought out these souls. 

YT:      Their bodies are completely decomposed. Their flesh is mashed like paste with impregnated blood. Their eyeballs are out their eye-sockets. And their human forms are unrecognizable. How pitiful it is! 

TK:      With the power of dharma, I will restore them to a normal state and soothe their pains, so they can relate their crimes. 

YT:      Your gracious dharma is really splendid, Master. The sinnersí bodies which were completely disintegrated are now seven tenths reconstituted, whereas the other three tenths still look demonical. 

The Mandarin:    (to the souls) You are here in the presence of two Great Masters of Virtue. I order you to tell them the crimes you committed in your lifetime so they can apprise the living men. 

The soul:    When in life, I committed the gravest sin which was impiety towards my parents. I preferred to foul around and refused to work. I asked my parents for money and if they refused, I would blaspheme them. In the moment of madness, I even mistreated them with kicks and blows. This lack of filial piety led me to experience the chastisements of nearly all places before I was sent to this prison to endure the eternal punishment, without hope of freedom. O Masters! Have mercy on me! Please intervene with the King of Hell to obtain some grace for me. I would be very happy to reincarnate in the form of a buffalo or a dog to pay off my debts. I am so miserable in this prison. 

TK:      Among the virtues of mankind, filial piety is considered the most important. You didnít serve your parents, as you should; worse still, you mistreated and beat them. Your crime is colossal and unparalleled. Impiety is a sin that is unforgivable. I confess my incompetence in doing anything for you. 

The Mandarin:     In the living world too many people are betraying their parents, because of either their self-serving interests in sinful lust or their individual interests in monetary gain. If such people donít try to change in time, the Eternal Prison will be the place for their souls beyond life. Now, the second soul, we want to hear from you. 

The soul:    I spent all my lifetime in lewdness and in adoration of feminine beauty. Many times, I raped maids of honor. I was fond of widows and adopted orphan-girls for vile schemes. I had thought that it was the infallible ideal of a happy life. But after my death, I had to endure the most terrible pains in different places, and was at last sent to this prison where all hope of freedom is reduced to ashes. Save me, Master, I promise to serve you after I am changed to a dog or a horse. 

TK:      In this case, dogs and horses arenít of any concern. I donít need them. You were too evil in your life and you didnít follow the right path. Carnal sins are considered the gravest sins. Your present remorse makes no sense at all. 

The Mandarin:     The 3rd soulís turn now. Speak out! 

The soul:    I was well-versed in preparing imitation kinds of foodstuffs, medicines, alcoholic beverages such as brandy, alcohol, soya-sauce etc. For amassing as much money as possible. Being so greedy for foul gains, I was condemned to the Eternal Prison. I pray you, O Buddha Tse Kong to help me. In my next life, I promise to behave correctly and earn money with good conscience. 

TK:      To prepare fake alcoholic beverages and medicines is a heavy crime. You didnít care about other peopleí lives. By consuming your imitation products, they swallowed poison. You had lost your conscience, and indirectly killed many persons. At present, you are forced to drink that muddy liquid that will dilute the toxic ingredients of those products that you had prepared. I admit that I am unable to do anything for you. 

The Mandarin:     Now is the turn of the 4th soul to confess. 

The soul:    In my life, I was a smuggler and used to smoke opium and drugs. Later on, for the need of money, I indulged in the smuggling of narcotics. The King of Hell was irate when seeing me. He condemned me to the Eternal Prison. Such painful grief I must endure. I am so remorseful for not having any way to redeem my errors. 

TK:      Smuggling is against the laws of the country. Clandestine traffic of narcotics is twice as bad, because it did harm to other peopleís lives. The law of the terrestrial world is without pardon, the law of hell is without rescue. Those smugglers, drug users, and narcotic merchants must realize their sins, and throw away their butcherís cutlass, then make a new life. If they persist on their way of living, they will go to the Eternal Prison and stay there for millennia without possibility of freedom. 

The Mandarin:    Here we are face to face with four sinful souls. I hope that after the perusal of the ďVoyages to HellĒ, people will quickly change and repent. I will forgive them if they discontinue committing those errors. But they must regenerate themselves toward the right path; otherwise they will fall into a dead end. These short-lived profits will certainly lead them to an abyss. 

TK:      Itís getting late. What about going home? 

YT:      Goodbye, and once again thank you. 

The Mandarin:     In lines for the farewell salute. 

TK:      The lotus dais is here. 

YT:      I am ready to go back, Master. 

TK:      Arrive! Now, go back to your body, son.

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